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Solenoids are classified into different categories based on the type of Voltage (AC or DC), Action (Pull or Push), Duty Cycle (100%, 50% or 25%) etc. The solenoids find numerous applications in the industry. Depending on the type of duty cycle when a solenoid coil is energized the plunger, either Pull or Push type, is driven into the coil, closing the magnetic circuit. The Stroke Length/Force developed by the pulling or pushing action of the plunger is intelligently used to perform predetermined work.


1.These can be either AC or DC operated.
2.The plunger action can be either Pull or Push.
3.The rate of operation or Duty Cycle, i.e. the ON and OFF time is fixed for a particular solenoid.
4.The operating temperature is between -50C to 550C.
5.Available with different plunger End Styles suitable for a specific application.


Basically a solenoid consists of a coil wound on a bobbin encapsulated in a frame of suitable size. The bobbin has a through hole in which the plunger operates. When the coil is energized, mmf develops forcing the plunger to close into the bobbin thus completing the magnetic circuit. As mentioned before, this motion of the plunger is converted to either the Pull or Push based on the type of end style of the plunger.


Voltage (V) Power (W) Duty Cycle (%)
12 12 100
12 18 75
12 24 50
24 48 25


The solenoids are in four different sizes with two different plunger end styles.

For Example: APM-SOL-XYZ

X represents plunger style (0 for "Push Type"; 1 for "Pull Type")

Y represents solenoid envelope size (0 for "Smallest"; 1 for "Small"; 2 for "Medium"; 3 for "Large")

Z represents any additional features (0 for "No Additional Features"; 1 for "Additional Features like Retractable Spring"; 2 for Additional Features like Cross Pin")

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